Level Up: A Guide to Parenting Gamers (Giveaway)

Parenting GamersSummertime is here… and almost winding down! The snow shovels are tucked away (hooray!), and what fills the garage are bicycles, life jackets, soccer balls, baseball gloves, scooters and various other warm-weather activity accessories that get people outside and moving. But it is not summer’s outdoor activities that we’ll focus on today, it is the indoor activities: specifically, video games.

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Urinary Tract Infections: To pee or not to pee…

Urinary Tract InfectionImagine yourself in this situation: You are going about your day as usual when you realize you have to urinate. You get to the bathroom in time, do your business, and carry on with your day. Okay, not a very interesting story. We do this every day, often without even thinking about it. Well, now imagine that you’re going about your day when you suddenly realize you have to pee NOW. I mean, feeling like you’re going to burst like when you spent 12 hours in the car with 6 bottles of soda. RIGHT NOW.

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