Q is for…

With the recent Supreme Court decision about marriage equality and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition in the news, LGBTQ rights have been getting a lot of publicity recently.  While many people are familiar with the “LGB” (lesbian, gay, bisexual) portion of the acronym and there’s been a lot of recent media coverage and education on the term “transgender” (see my previous post here for a primer), often the “Q” does not get a lot of press.   Today’s question: what puts the “Q” in LGBTQ?

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3 Reasons Teens Should Ditch Sugary Drinks

3 Reasons Teens Should Ditch Sugary DrinksThe other day, I was with a new patient doing a health check. This particularly spirited teenager was testing me on a lot of the health advice I was giving about nutrition (What?! A teenager being testy? Never!). When we discussed the health consequences of her daily Mountain Dew habit, she asked me to prove it. Well, spunky patient, consider your challenge accepted.

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Fueling the Child Athlete (Giveaway)

Fueling the Child AthleteAthletes that play sports are sure to have all the equipment they need, like a stick and a puck for hockey, cleats and shoulder pads for football, and running shoes for track and field. An athlete would not show up to practice or a game without their gear because they wouldn’t be prepared to play. Athletes also need to prepare their body for the game on the inside with good nutrition. Read more

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