Teaching Kids to Cook: 8 Steps to Stay Safe in the Kitchen (Giveaway)

Kids CookingTeaching kids to cook is an important life skill, but when they want to do more than make ants on a log on their own, how can you make sure they’re ready to make the transition from prep cook to sous chef in the kitchen?

Even young children can learn how to do “grown up” tasks in the kitchen. And often, will take their responsibilities quite seriously. But it’s still important to provide supervision.

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Guys Have Body Image Issues, Too

Teen Boy Body IssuesPoor guys – they often get the short end of the stick. They have shorter life expectancies, they tend to have higher insurance rates, and nobody ever talks about the body image issues that they go through. That is, until the ESPN Magazine Body Issue came out.

The Body Issue features athletes in the buff (strategically covered) and the goal is to celebrate the amazingness of athletes’ bodies of all shapes and sizes. The Body Issue has been around since 2009, but it’s getting a lot attention this year for a couple of reasons.

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Q is for…

With the recent Supreme Court decision about marriage equality and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition in the news, LGBTQ rights have been getting a lot of publicity recently.  While many people are familiar with the “LGB” (lesbian, gay, bisexual) portion of the acronym and there’s been a lot of recent media coverage and education on the term “transgender” (see my previous post here for a primer), often the “Q” does not get a lot of press.   Today’s question: what puts the “Q” in LGBTQ?

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