Back-to-School Anxiety: Knowledge is Power

Back to School AnxietyAs the first-day-of-school countdown winds down, knowledge is power – whether your child is entering kindergarten or a seasoned pro starting high school.

Knowing what’s coming is the key to helping kids remain calm when heading back to school, says Marcia Slattery, MD, a UW Health child and adolescent psychiatrist and director of the UW Anxiety Disorders Program.

“To understand anxiety, you need to understand why it’s there,” Slattery says. “And often, it develops in situations where there’s an unknown – when we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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Dorm Room First Aid: Packing For Your Health

Dorm Room First AidWe know there are very few things more overwhelming than packing up your whole life to move into a really tiny college dorm or apartment. What do you bring with you? What sounds like a great idea to pack now, but will just end up unused and taking up precious space? How many forgotten items will your parents be willing to ship before you go home for Thanksgiving?

Today, we’re going to make this process easier by compiling the following list of important medical items so you can spend less time inside your school’s health center and more time experiencing all that college has to offer. Because – let’s face it – some sort of illness, scrape, or injury is inevitable, and it’s better to be prepared than to be scrambling to find a pharmacy store when your final paper is due in 45 minutes.

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Generosity and Kindness: The Best Lesson This School Year

Teaching Generosity and KindnessWhen we think about the many things we teach our children – reading, math, even manners – it can be easy to forget about the basics – like kindness and generosity. But those are skills we have to develop, even as adults.

Kindness and generosity are one of the best things children can do for their well-being. Research shows that when kids are kind, they feel good about themselves, have more friendships and actually get better grades. But kindness does not always come naturally to children, although there are ways to help encourage it.

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A Parent’s Guide to the MenB Vaccine

Dorm RoommatesMaybe you’ve been hearing about the new ‘MenB’ vaccines – these are vaccines targeted against certain types of bacteria that can cause meningitis.  The recommendations for this new vaccine can be a little confusing, so here’s a primer on what the MenB vaccines protect against, who should be getting them, and how to talk to your provider to make a decision about whether or not you or your teenager should get the MenB vaccine.

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