Soothing a Teething Baby

TeethingYou’ve just gotten your baby to bed. Relieved, you sit down to read a book or head to the laundry room to get clothes out of the washing machine. After what feels like no time at all, your baby wakes up—again—fussy and miserable. What could be the cause? … Teething.

Caring for a teething baby can be a challenge. Babies tend to be fussy as their teeth come in. Teeth usually come in when a child is between 4-7 months old. Gum irritation, irritability and drooling are the most common symptoms.

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Is Marijuana Really a Big Deal?

Teen Marijuana UseIt’s been a wild week. In some states, voting for leaders was not the only thing on the ballot last week. Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California passed measures legalizing recreational marijuana. Arizona’s initiative to legalize recreational marijuana narrowly failed. Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida all voted to legalize medical marijuana. Dr. Allen wrote an excellent blog about medical marijuana last year, so now we’ll focus on recreational marijuana use.

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Talking to Kids About Elections

Talking to Kids about ElectionsWhen reflecting on the recent election, perhaps the one thing everyone can agree on is that there were intense emotions throughout the entire process. And while that intensity continues to play out in the news  – and perhaps even among families – many parents may feel at a loss for how to explain to kids what is happening, and why.

Dr. Marcia Slattery, UW Health child and adolescent psychiatrist and director of the UW Anxiety Disorders Program, explains that what kids are noticing the most is the depth and degree of emotion – and even division – that people on both sides have felt. And that is what is creating confusion, and feelings of fear and uncertainty.

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