Non-Sports Concussions

Boy with Head PainThis concussion blog is NOT about football (at least for the most part).

Former Badger football standout Chris Borland announced that he was calling it quits after 1 year in the NFL with the San Francisco 49’s.  His main concern: concussions and their long term health risks.  Repeated concussions can lead to severe cognitive impairment, problems with emotional instability, Alzheimer’s-like dementia, permanent brain damage, long-term disabilities and even death (by the head injury itself or possible link to suicide, made famous by former NFLer Junior Seau and former Ohio State football player Kosta Karageorge). This has also brought youth football into the forefront – how can we make it safer for youth?  Important to think about, however this post is NOT about football (although, I am excited to report that there are only 164 days until Badger football season starts, but who’s counting?).

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The Well-Child Check: What to Expect

Baby at a Well Child AppointmentFor most people, the doctor’s office a place we try to avoid unless we are sick. Even then, our lives are so busy that it’s hard to even get to clinic during business hours; so, why would we go in for a visit when everything appears fine? What we miss by forgoing these regular check-ups is preventative health care – a chance to make sure that things are going well, catch things before they become a real issue, and help patients learn to expect health changes and issues that might occur in the near future.  For kids, these regular check-ups are even more vital and make up a large percentage of the kids that pediatricians see in clinic on a daily basis.

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The Secret to Beautiful Skin?

Teen Girls in the SunAs the winter is winding down and spring break is right around the corner, many people start to think about how to look and feel good outdoors. One approach that some people take is indoor tanning. After all, it’s quick and easy, so who wouldn’t want a nice tan to prepare for bathing suit season?

The big issue with indoor tanning is the damage that it does to your skin.
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