Why Do I Walk?

Why do I walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation team, “UW Health and Henry’s Heroes?”

Personally, I walk for my son, Henry, diagnosed at age 5. I walk for my brother, diagnosed at age 24. I walk in memory of my paternal grandfather, diagnosed after serving in World War II, at age 26.

But let me tell you why it is important for me to walk under the umbrella of UW Health.

I am a physician assistant at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. I care for ladies that have type 1 diabetes and see how that diagnosis can complicate their care.

And so I walk.

I walk as a thank you to all the exceptional individuals on Henry’s Care Team. During his time at American Family Children’s Hospital, we met terrific endocrinology staff physicians, residents and fellows, RNs, Child Life Center staff, Learning Center RNs, Phlebotomists, Chaplin, and Housekeeping. All demonstrated service excellence and the high standard of comprehensive care at UW Health.

And so I walk.

UW Health demonstrates community leadership. American Family Children’s Hospital is the only place in Madison that I know of that has 24/7 care for diabetic kids by an endocrinology team. That matters to me as a parent.

And so I walk.

This institution has a commitment to research. Advances in diabetes prevention, cure, treatment and assisting with the complications related to diabetes all happen here. The next leap forward in diabetes care will happen here, our providers are at the forefront of science and clinical practice.

And so I walk.

UW Health has an outstanding reputation. A family we met at support group, moved hundreds of mile away from family and friends, to have care here at UW for their type one child. They knew Madison would have employment for them and their young child could receive insulin pump therapy to control blood sugars.

And so I walk.

It is important to me that UW Health continues to have a positive reputation in the diabetes community. I don’t want to hear at support group meetings – where is the UW presence?

And so I walk – for my child, for my family, and for UW Health.

Come walk with me.

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