Play with a Purpose

March is Child Life Month and we’re kicking off the month with a poem from one of our Child Life Specialists.

What is Child Life?

Child Life Specialists have a unique career,
We’re specially trained to ease anxiety and fear.


Many people think all we ever do is play,
But our foundations are in Erikson and Piaget.


Procedures, scans, surgeries and tests,
We prepare and distract to help you do your best.


With pictures, medical items, and videos too
We’ll teach you and your parents what staff will do.


Light toys, ISpy, iPads and bubbles
During an ouchie these can help you forget all your troubles.


When sibs come to visit it’s important they learn
About equipment, machines, and medical terms.


Brothers and sisters can go to Tyler’s Place
Toys, games, and art supplies, sibs have their own space.


Tyler's Place

Syringe paint, make slime, or a feelings wheel and see
These styles of play are a type of therapy.


We adapt activities so you can show how you’re feeling,
Working through your emotions to help you with healing.


Playrooms, activities, special events, and more
It’s our job to make sure the hospital is not a bore.



The Positive Image Center is where hair and nails can be done,
Come to the second floor salon for pampering and fun.


We’re found inpatient, outpatient, and did you also know,
We’re in the ER, the OR and wherever else you might go.


– Heather Burgus, CCLS

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