Get Fit Together Family Activity Guide (Giveaway)

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We know that children are little mimics – they will copy behaviors that they observe and repeat words that they hear (nearly every parent can attest to this with stories of awkward situations involving particular word choices not appropriate for 5-year-olds to utter). So if mom and dad relax in front of the TV after dinner, chances are that’s going to be the preference for the kids as well. But, if mom and dad instead say it’s time to do something fun together after dinner, that helps create an environment where activity is normal and encouraged.

Family Hiking in the Woods

While it can be hard with busy lifestyle – whether it’s work, or scheduled activities like music lessons or sports – you really have to make the time, otherwise it’s too easy to put things off until the next day. Block time on the weekend – whether it’s an hour or half the day – and do something fun as a family. Go for a hike, go for a bike ride on a trail, go geocaching, discover a new park – just go. Do something. You can even let the kids decide – chose between a hike or bike ride. Go for a walk after dinner. Just get out together.

Keep in mind, this isn’t your time to get your daily exercise in. You’ll get too frustrated if you’re focused on “miles” and the kids are wanting to look at the pretty flowers by the side of the road. It’s about them. It’s about spending time together as a family. Let them discover their world and enjoy re-discovering the world through their eyes. And, if you’re hearing them complain, “It’s too long to walk! Are we there yet? Why can’t we play our video games!” that’s actually a sign they’re bored. So think about how you can keep it fun. Play a game of I Spy. Make up stories. Do some research and find out the history of the place before you go.

That said, remember kids do need breaks. Kids younger than 5 usually need a break every 15 minutes. So if you’re planning an hour hike, that could easily turn into a two hour venture. For elementary age kids that usually turns into a break every half hour. You know your child best, but aim for under-doing rather than over-doing. Trying to do too much can make it a frustrating experience for kids, and one they’ll not want to repeat.

When you’re thinking about what to do, remember they may not like everything you try so expose them to a lot of different things – biking, hiking, ice skating, roller skating – you never know what might click. And help them remember it’s not about doing things right. It’s about having fun and laughing. It may be challenging the first time the family tries things, but that can also help create fond family memories (“Do you remember that time dad tried roller skating?). And, it’s also a good way for kids to see even adults have to practice and work at an activity.

And, you’ve heard it before, but it’s always a good reminder to use sunscreen and sun protection, and any safety equipment like helmets you may need.

So, what are some ideas you can try? Check out Wisconsin’s State Parks, find out what’s going on around Wisconsin, learn some simple things to do around home or explore our Exercise for Kids Pinterest board.

They’re only young for a fleeting time so enjoy every moment of it while you can. When you make a family habit of doing things together when they’re young, they’ll continue to enjoy doing family activities as they grow. And, there is a special bonding that takes place when you’re active together. A simple walk with the dog can turn into an hour spent laughing and learning more about what’s going on in your child’s life. It’s a gift for the whole family.

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  • We love to go for picnics and Governor Dodge State Park. The family enjoys swimming, hiking, and using the paddle boats there too. Such a good time!

  • Christine Weihing

    I care for my 7 grandchildren during the week and one of our favorite places to visit and “hang out” is Devil’s Lake State Park. The park is beautiful with so many trails to hike on. The Nature Center is also a favorite and the Park Rangers are always ready to get out the binoculars and take the kids on a walking and learning adventure. On a nice summer day, you can’t beat Devil’s Lake!!

  • We enjoy riding our bikes to a nice big park that is a bit too far for a regular walk.

  • Our boys love to mountain bike at Quarry Park – a hidden gem on the west side of Madison. It’s also nice for hiking and we’ve seen wild turkeys on the trails.

  • My kids love hiking the Tumbled Rocks Trail at Devils Lake State Park. We also bring our kayaks there. With no boat traffic, it’s a great place to let them paddle.

  • My family likes to hike together at Parfrey’s Glen. (Devil’s Lake area) The scenery is so neat that it makes you forget that you are actually doing exercise!

  • The city we live in just put in paved paths throughout the entire city so we love to ride our bikes to the Dairy Queen for a treat!

  • My family and I take walks at our neighborhood parks, but out favorite spot to hike to is Picnic Point in Shorewood.

  • Hiking at Devil’s Lake is awesome! It is on our “must” list for this summer. For everyday, we hit the captitol city bike trail and head toward Downtown. An icecream stop at the Union keeps kids motivated to the end.

  • We like to bike ride on the Glacier Drumlien Ice Age Trail near Cambridge

  • Fort Atkinson bike trail with a side trip to Frostee Freeze!

  • Philip Musgrave

    My two girls (3, 5 years old) and I camped for a week at Peninsula State Park over the 4th of July this year and we hiked from Nicolet Beach to the 4 story lookout tower! What an adventure. This was by far the longest the girls had ever hiked and boy were they tired after…but they really enjoyed themselves and we saw so much. It was great!

  • We love to take our 4 grandkids (and daughters if they are available) and go hiking in Horicon Marsh. There are several trails to hike on including one long bridge built out into the marsh waters where you can see turtles, snakes, geese, ducks and birds in the marsh. After hiking, we always have a picnic at the marsh. The kids love it and learn a lot about the marsh and wildlife!

  • We like hike out near Indian Lake and bike on any of the Madison trails and especially like the Ride the Drive events.

  • Sharon Blohowiak

    My family loves to hike and bike in our own backyard. We live very close to the Badger State Trail and Sugar River Bike Trail. Both trails are well groomed and go through the most beautiful parts of Green County.

  • We love going up to Devil’s Lake for the day!

  • So many places!! But one of our favorites is Horicon Marsh

  • Our family loves to hike (and cross-country ski in the winter) at Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield. The hilly topography makes for a good workout for all of us.

  • We love to walk or bike around Watertown (often resulting in a stop at Schuette’s for ice cream). When we want to make a day out of our adventure, we drive to Jefferson and ride the bike trail to Lake Mills to swim at the beach before heading back.

  • There are nice trails right in our neighborhood, or sometimes we just walk to the playground close to our house.

  • Right now our little guy loves to just run up and down the sidewalk while pushing his firetruck around! Otherwise we had off to Fond du Lac County Park or the Horicon Marsh and take a hike on the forest trails 🙂

  • Owen park and creastwood neighborhood in Madison.

  • We love to hike and swim at Lake Kegonsa State Park! Quiet, beautiful, and great trails!

  • We like to go to the beach and hike any nearby trails. We have read about geocaching and would like to try that yet this summer.

  • We love to go to our local parks

  • Our favorite spot is Blue Hole, Rawley Springs, Virginia.

  • Having four kids 12 to 2 easy hikes in state parks mixed in with a picnic is always a family favorite!

  • robers cave st park in wilberton Oklahoma been taking my family there for twenty years now

  • Cycling along the Chippewa River bike trail!

  • We love to hike through Devil’s Lake, Parfrey’s glen, & Pewit’s Nest.
    All 3 kids have a blast! They are 13, 11, & 5

  • Our family likes to picnic at Oak Street Beach in Chicago! We love the beach.

  • My favorite place to hike is the natural trail at the Oahe Damn.

  • I live right by the Manassas Battlefield National park and that is ideal! Would love to win! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  • I love hiking at the state park if we can’t make a trip out to the mountains!

  • Family loves to bike

  • Rosemary Romito

    Carlsbad state beach is great for picnics,@walking on the beach.

  • We love to go to Kensington Park in Michigan. We hike, picnic, and swim there. Its lovely

  • We love to picnic when we are up at the dells so that would be our favorite spot . especially after a long day at the water park .

  • My husband and I love to go out to Fort Pickens in Pensacola, Fl. It is a great place on the beach to walk around and explore.

  • By far the best place to take a hike is Devil’s Lake! Beautiful views and great for little kids.