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Hepatitis C – what’s the deal?

I have been seeing an awful lot of commercials warning about Hepatitis C. Have you seen the commercials encouraging baby boomers to get tested for Hepatitis C? I found this line of advertising somewhat surprising, since Hepatitis C isn’t something I see too often.  Then, I hear the news out of the CDC last month that number of reported cases of Hepatitis C has TRIPLED in the past 5 years, and millennials are the most impacted group. Say what?!

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13 Reasons Why – Let’s talk about suicide


I finally bit the bullet and sat down to binge watch the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.  I have been asked about it by parents and patients alike. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, and numerous other professional organizations have all released statements talking about this show. To tell you the truth, I was nervous to watch it.  There have been other movies that depicted teen suicide (who can forget the 80s Heathers or Surviving, the 90s The Virgin Suicides, or the more recent A Girl Like Her….ooohh and check out the documentary Audrie & Daisy). Anyways, teen suicide is always a media topic.  And for good reason.  Check out these stats on teen suicide:

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Bone Health and Teens

The body is an incredible machine. It performs countless functions without our knowing and is able to turn the food we eat into energy to do homework, play sports, lift the remote to change channels, walk the shores of Lake Mendota, and do every other activity we do. But what happens when our bodies don’t get the energy they need? This is a topic that has been studied by many doctors and organizations, including the International Olympic Committee.

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Caffeine packs more than an energy punch

This week, we are reposting this blog on caffeine in light of the recent death of a previously healthy South Carolina teen.  In the hours prior to his death, he consumed 3 caffeinated drinks — a cafe latte, a large Diet Mountain Dew and an energy drink. This toxic mix likely caused his heart to have an abnormal rhythm.

Meanwhile, back in 2014…

An Ohio teen mysteriously dies just days away from his high school graduation.  One month later, the coroner finds the cause of death: caffeine overdose.  He had more than 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood in his system, 23 times the amount of a typical coffee or soda drinker.  In his room, the teen’s mom found bags of white powder later identified as caffeine powder.  This caffeine powder was bought online and is totally legal.

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