Caffeine and Kids

Most parents would love to have an ounce of their child’s energy. Science supports the fact that children under the age of 7 years do have more energy than older children and adults. Some researchers attribute it to their deep breathing pattern, which is more effective at oxygenating cells, and others to a child’s ability to live in-the-moment, not distracted by anxiety, worry or regret. What happens when the already-energized child consumes caffeine?

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Quick Kid-approved Meals for Busy Parents

Today, social media and the digital age inundates parents and caregivers with messaging regarding what, when, where, why and how to feed children. Eating healthy is likely a universal goal and I would venture to say that all caregivers desire to serve their children a well-balanced meal three times per day. I, however, would like to challenge what that meal looks like. A healthful meal is not determined by the time it took to prepare. In general “slow food” is healthier, but quick meals can be just as nutritious and buy caregivers more time to enjoy them with their children at a table.

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Worried about phthalates in macaroni and cheese powder?

Recent news articles including those in the New York Times, and CNN reported that chemicals known as phthalates are found in the cheese powder in boxed macaroni and cheese mixes.  What should parents do?  There’s no need to panic, but do take this chance to think about the invisible chemicals in your food (and home) and how you can be a smart shopper to limit your exposure. Read more

Changes Coming to Food Labels

During the next year you might see a new look for the Nutrition Facts food label on packaged foods.  Dietitians have been eagerly awaiting some of the new changes that might help buyers make healthier food choices.

Some foods have already been spotted with new label format and current FDA rules state companies have until July 2018 to use the new version.  Now it seems this could drag out another few years, as the Grocery Manufacturers Association and various other food industry trade and lobbying groups have requested a delay until 2021 stating cost barriers.

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