Gun Safety

Gun SafetyOur homes are wonderful places where we get to watch our children take their first steps, learn to ride their bikes and spend many days making memories as they grow. Unfortunately, many of our homes today are also full of dangers, one of these being guns.

Here are some gun safety tips that can help make your home a safer place:
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Simple Water Safety Steps Can Save Lives

Water SafetyYour greatest water safety assurance comes from adopting and practicing as many safety steps as possible. Adding an extra safety step around the water can make all the difference. You can never know which safety step will save a life – until it does.

My brother Mike, his son Andy and my dad, went fishing off a bridge on Memorial Day. They had brought all the necessities to fish; poles, bait, a bucket and snacks. Read more

Car Seat Expiration Dates

Car Seat ExpirationParents know that car seats present the best way for children of certain ages and sizes to avoid injury during car accidents.

But car seats don’t last forever. How can you determine when car seats have outlived their purpose? And if you’re in the used car seat market, how can you be sure the seat you have your eye on is sound. Parents and caregivers should focus on two things with car seats – the expiration date and the seat history.

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Bird’s-Eye View of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Dangers

ATV DangersYes, this is another “how fun things can potentially cause serious injury” post, but it comes from a unique perspective. Dr. Abernethy has been a flight physician with UW Health’s Med Flight for two decades. He has personally cared for victims and witnessed the results from ATV-related accidents. He shares his thoughts on recent state legislation that would allow children to operate larger-sized ATVs.

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