Why aren’t teens getting their license?

I missed National Teen Driver Safety Week by a couple weeks this year (it was October 15-21, 2017. If you’re totally bummed, check out this post from last year – the stats remain the same.) I was trying to think about why it wasn’t on my radar like usual. Were there a lot of other things going on in the news? Ummm….yes. But I think there’s another reason –driving doesn’t seem to be a big thing with a lot of my teen patients right now. In a totally non-scientific chart review of my 16-17-year-old patients in the past few months, only about 50% have their driver’s license (and plenty haven’t even taken driver’s ed).

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How to (safely) get out of an unsafe relationship

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (in fact, this month is the 30th Anniversary of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, #DVAMturns30).  Domestic violence and dating violence is something that I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. I participated in an amazing photoshoot, where violence survivors and support people anonymously shared their stories (check out A Day in My Shoes exhibit at the Goodman Center, until Oct 30).  An interesting study was just released that found a possible link between home stressors in preschool years (like alcoholism in parents) and being involved a violent dating relationship as a teen. Plus, the news coverage of sexual harassment and assault perpetuated by certain famous people has been pretty much nonstop over the past few weeks. Read more

Parent’s Guide to Pain Prevention

Does this situation sound familiar?

“You have a doctor appointment for a check-up today after school.”

“Am I going to get a shot? I hate shots. I don’t think I want to go to the doctor today.”

Before the age of 2 years old, the CDC recommends children receive 24 immunizations. While this sounds like a lot of shots, and it is, immunizations are one of the Public Health initiatives that have resulted prevention of the most deaths and disability early in life.

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My Shadow

On any given day, UW Health maternal-fetal medicine physician Katie Antony is helping women: helping an expectant mom navigate a complicated pregnancy, or in the delivery room bringing a new baby into the world. She is also a mother of two: daughter Tara, almost three, and baby son Linus .

She can now add “children’s book author” to the list.

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