Guys and HPV – it’s not just about protecting the girls!

Women get a lot of attention in the human papillomavirus (HPV) world. Maybe too much emphasis is put on women. I recently heard from a loved one that her son’s pediatrician didn’t really recommend the HPV vaccine for boys since it’s “really a public health thing” that’s “more for girls’ protection than anything.” Well, that’s not true, and a study that came out this week demonstrates this. According to the study, about 11.5% of American men are infected with the oral form of HPV (vs 3.2% of women).

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Ten Ways to Win the Homework Battle

The school year is just getting started, and hopefully your child has developed a good routine for homework. If they have not, now is the time to make changes and establish good habits. Parents of my patients have shared some of the skirmishes they’ve experienced, and as I tell them, “You are not alone.”

If you battle over homework, or your child struggles to get assignments completed in time, consider taking a look at his or her homework routine to see how it can be improved. By taking an active interest in their homework, the battle can be less severe or even eliminated. You are showing kids that what they do is important, and, furthermore, you’re helping them develop habits and skills that will help them throughout their lives. Here are some tips to guide the way: Read more

Early Exposure to Allergens

Chances are an older person in your life – family member, neighbor, stranger in the check-out line – commented that parents keep things too clean these days. You may have even heard them say at some point, “Sometimes you just have to let kids eat a little dirt.”

Well, turns out there may be some truth to that.

Recent research on asthma and allergies from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health uncovered some interesting findings centered around children being exposed to allergens early in life. Read more

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