Get the facts about HIV and get tested

Twenty years ago, it was difficult to avoid information about HIV and AIDS as it was making headlines as a deadly disease passed through sexual activity and shared needle drug use. Today, in many parts of the country young people may only hear about HIV briefly in a school education class or occasional discussion with their parents or doctor.  Though many new and easier ways to prevent and to treat HIV infection have been identified, there is still NO cure for HIV. A person with HIV infection still lives with a chronic disease that requires ongoing medication and medical care in order to stay healthy. It is important for everyone to know that HIV still exists and is continuing to infect young people.

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How a sport psychologist can help youth athletes

Young athletes can be hard on themselves and each other. A missed pass, a dropped ball, a slow swim time can lead to feelings of “I’m not good enough” and that they let their coach, teammates and even parents down.

While no athlete is immune to anxiety, teens seem to be particularly vulnerable to the effects. The pressure they put on themselves can be intense, and unfortunately they’re not necessarily able to manage it. And it can ultimately affect their performance.

UW Health sport psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, PhD, explains that anxiety causes us to think less clearly, have slower reaction times, tense our muscles and even be less willing to take risks. All of which can affect an athlete’s performance during the game.

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Changes Coming to Food Labels

During the next year you might see a new look for the Nutrition Facts food label on packaged foods.  Dietitians have been eagerly awaiting some of the new changes that might help buyers make healthier food choices.

Some foods have already been spotted with new label format and current FDA rules state companies have until July 2018 to use the new version.  Now it seems this could drag out another few years, as the Grocery Manufacturers Association and various other food industry trade and lobbying groups have requested a delay until 2021 stating cost barriers.

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Hepatitis C – what’s the deal?

I have been seeing an awful lot of commercials warning about Hepatitis C. Have you seen the commercials encouraging baby boomers to get tested for Hepatitis C? I found this line of advertising somewhat surprising, since Hepatitis C isn’t something I see too often.  Then, I hear the news out of the CDC last month that number of reported cases of Hepatitis C has TRIPLED in the past 5 years, and millennials are the most impacted group. Say what?!

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Meet Jacob, a 9-year-old cancer survivor, via “Love Wisconsin”

Wisconsin people. Wisconsin places. Put them together in an incredibly engaging social media platform and you get Love Wisconsin – an increasingly popular online destination for all things that make the Badger State the special place we know it to be. In only its second year, Love Wisconsin has made a huge impact on our state psyche by offering inspiring stories that make us especially proud to call Wisconsin home.

This summer, Love Wisconsin is partnering with UW Health to share stories of some of our patients in ways we hope you will find especially compelling. One patient is 9-year-old Jacob from Reedsburg, who is being treated for Burkitt’s lymphoma, a cancer that grows in the lymph tissue of the head and neck. Fortunately, most kids with Burkitt’s lymphoma are cured and Jacob’s outlook is excellent. Jacob is truly a wonderful kid who always seems to be thinking more about others. But don’t be too easily fooled by his sweet nature. He can also be a bit of prankster. Check out his story.

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