Being Mindful: Especially for Families

What does being mindful mean? Mindfulness has gotten a lot of buzz. Most researchers agree that “Mindful” means being in the present.  Mindfulness is allowing your thoughts to be about right now, not worrying about the past or planning the future. Another important part of being mindful is accepting your thoughts and feelings without judgement:  good or bad. Read more

Taking Vaping to a New Level

*For a brief review on vaping, or electronic cigarette use, check out our blog from 2014.

Vaping is on the rise, and of course some clever kids are figuring out how to get a better high (it’s seriously impressive to see what random things people will try to see if they get high…). A new study in the Journal of Pediatrics states that 26% of high school teens who have used e-cigarettes have also tried a potentially dangerous new vaping method called “dripping” — bypassing the reservoir and wick of the device by dropping e-cigarette liquid directly onto the hot coils of the device. This produces a thicker, more flavorful smoke. What could go wrong, right?

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It’s not too late for the flu vaccine!

Trying to find something not political in the news has been tough in the past week or so. And then I heard the headline on the news as I was getting ready for work: 8 children have died from influenza so far this 2016-2017 flu season: One in Mississippi, 2 in Florida (a 17 year old and a 7 year old!), 1 from South Carolina (a 16 year old!), 1 in California, and 3 of these deaths were last week in New York. I am emphasizing the ages in some of these since we tend to worry more about newborns, pregnant women, and old folks. No pediatric deaths in Wisconsin….yet…but we are definitely seeing a spike in clinic visits with flu-like symptoms.

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John Maniaci: A mensch with a camera

Saying that John Maniaci is a photographer is kind of like saying that Aaron Rodgers plays quarterback.

Since 2009, when John left the Wisconsin State Journal to become UW Health’s photographer, he has snapped eye-catching shots of thousands of patients, family members, doctors, nurses, therapists, parking attendants, and celebrity visitors.

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