Celebrate Happy Hearts

February is known to be the month of love. The month of roses, I love you’s and conversation candy hearts. Everyone knows this. But few people know that February is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month. And why would you unless you were personally affected? I was uninformed until my daughter, Harper, was born with a complete AV Canal Defect and Down syndrome, in August 2011. Now we celebrate February 1st by wearing red for heart disease awareness and celebrate World Down syndrome Day on March 21st.

These celebrations wouldn’t have meant anything to me 2 years ago. I was early in my pregnancy in February 2011 and selfishly unaware of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness month. And also unaware that, my newly created daughter, was going to be born with defects.

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Ten Ways to Win the Homework Battle

Winning the Homework Battle

The school year may be half-way over, and by now your child has hopefully gotten into a routine with homework. But, some may still struggle. Parents of my patients have shared some of the skirmishes they’ve experienced, and as I tell them, “You are not alone.”

If you’re continuing to battle over homework, or your child struggles to get assignments completed in time, consider taking a look at his or her homework routine to see how it can be improved. By taking an active interest in their homework the battle can be less severe or even eliminated. You are showing kids that what they do is important, and more importantly, you’re helping them develop habits and skills that will help them throughout their lives. Here are some tips to guide the way:

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Seven Tips for Sledding Safely

We are fortunate to have a lot of great sledding hills in the Madison area. If you are not within walking distance of a hill, you can easily pack up the kids in the car and drive to a great spot.

  • Safe locationGirl on a snow sled with a helmet
    Not all hills are safe. Avoid hillsides that end near a street, parking lot or other hazards like a pond, trees or fence. Choose a hill that is snowy rather than icy to avoid any hard landings if kids fall off the sled. Sled during the day or on a well-lit hill at night so potential hazards are visible.
  • Appropriate clothing
    Hats, gloves, snow pants, boots, and winter coats are important to avoid frostbite and hypothermia. Avoid clothing that can get caught in a sled, like a scarf, and pose a choking risk.

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Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Breakfast Casserole


Breakfast on weekends sometimes never happens and can set off a day of “grazing.” Meals stabilize eating, so here is a quick recipe for starting the day off right.

Pick up the ingredients today and try this recipe with your family this weekend. Leave a comment below and let us know how they liked it.

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