A Grieving Mom’s Plea: Consider Participating in Research

Today, January 8, my son Adam would have turned 4.

I can picture him tearing through the house in a Batman cape, wearing out the batteries on the new fire truck he would have gotten for his birthday. Or maybe I’d have spent half the day wiping a red, runny nose and rubbing cold little fingers after Adam spent hours outside, breaking in his new sled and making snowmen in the front yard.

Instead, my husband and I will mark our son’s birthday at Resurrection Cemetery, where we’ll brush away the snow and place a colorful pinwheel on our baby boy’s grave.

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Managing the Stress of the Holidays

Decorating the tree

Even before the last piece of pumpkin pie has been consumed (and let’s be honest – these days, it’s more like – before the last piece of Halloween candy is handed out), it seems like holiday preparations are underway. But the reality of the holidays can be very different than the marshmallow world singers croon about.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

There’s no doubt that the giving spirit of the season can lead to feeling financial pressure. The gift wish lists kids have written out are often filled with expensive items like video game consoles, tablets and more. But, rather than compromise your household budget, how do you help kids understand what’s realistic while still ensuring it’s another holiday for the memory books.

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When You Talk With Children

How do you talk with children about the recent tragedy when the news is difficult for you as a parent to understand or even talk about? How do you put around context around something so inexplicable? Should you even discuss it with them? And, how do you help them understand things they may overhear even if you’ve chosen not to talk about the event?

Talking With Your Kids

Whether you chose to talk with your young children about the topic is a decision only you can make as a parent. For older kids, it’s important that they hear the facts from you. Consider asking what they understand and how they feel, and share your feelings too. Knowing that you have similar feelings will help kids feel like their fears and concerns are okay.

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Chicken Taco Soup Recipe

Chicken Taco Soup

What a crazy-busy month! Keep ingredients on hand for this very quick, 1-pot meal—it’s sure to get you out of a time crunch.

Note: this recipe can be a good introduction to beans—it will be difficult to tell there are refried beans once everything is combined. If your kids have not eaten this type of food, you may want to reduce the water so the final product is thick enough to scoop with a tortilla chip. Serve with a handful of chips that the kids can use to eat the soup. But when the handful of chips are gone, don’t offer more or they will try to make a meal of chips!

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