Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Kids

Dr. Caroline R Paul and Patient

Who’s your doctor? Is she good?

As a physician and a patient, I am well aware of the complexity of finding a “good” doctor. But, when we use the word “good”, we are really thinking of a “good” fit between the patient and the physician – between you and your doctor.

Finding your primary physician can be tricky. But, it can be helpful to think about what you want from your physician. Some may seem obvious but you can prioritize what is really important to you. A few considerations might include:

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How Do You Motivate Your Family?

The longest conversation you had with your teen recently was entirely through texting. Maybe you wish your youngest would turn off the video games and go outside to play with friends. Perhaps fries are among the only vegetables your kids willingly eat.

Whatever it is, you realize you’ve had enough and you want to make a change. But, how do you help your kids change their habits without seeming like you’re nagging them (yet again).

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Family Mealtime Recipes and Ideas

Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Smashed Potatoes Family Meal

With hectic schedules, family meals are often the first to go. Between all of the family activities, who has time to sit down for a family meal, let alone prepare one? But taking the time to eat together can make a significant difference for kids.

When families sit down together to eat, they eat healthier, have better communication, eat less junk food, and research even shows kids who eat meals with their families actually do better in school. Read more about The Importance of the Family Meal

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Beyond School Lunch: Finding Balance with Healthy Eating

School lunches have gotten a bad reputation lately. And while some of it may be warranted, many districts are working hard to introduce fresh produce and healthier options to the lunch lines. While it’s true that the healthiest option of all would be to pack a lunch for your child, there are many reasons that may not always be practical or even possible. So what’s a parent to do?

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Identifying Developmental Delays

Early identification of children with delays in their development is important because there are programs that can help boost their progress in key areas and make them more successful as they start school. Well-child checks are an important time to monitor development in speech, motor skills like walking and hand-eye coordination, and social skills like smiling, playing with others, and using their imagination.

Recently, formal questionnaires have been developed for parents to fill out that help families and their doctor track a child’s progress in these key areas. Parents are experts on their own children, and these questionnaires are a good way to tap into that expertise.

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