Child Life: Calming Fears with a Magic Wand and a Smile

We thought it was just another “daycare cold” – albeit one in a long string of sniffles and ear infections caught by our 13-month-old son over the winter months. But call it a (paranoid?) mother’s intuition – that nasty cough was just a little too nasty and persistent for my taste. And though Benjamin does tend to wheeze when he’s sick, his inhaler didn’t seem to help at all this time around.

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The Importance of Safety Seats

Boy in car seatSafety seats make a difference in saving the lives of children. But if you do not have them in the right seat, or it is not installed properly, you are losing out on the benefits of this very important safety tool.

With the concerning statistic that four out of five car seats are installed improperly, it is always a good topic to revisit. And, being a pediatrician does not exempt one from belonging to this statistic.

Very, very early in parenthood (i.e. prenatally) I realized the seemingly complex world of car sear safety. Since then, I have always deferred to the experts when making sure my kids are in the absolute safest and appropriately installed seats for them. If you also consider that motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for children in the US and in Wisconsin, it is even more important to have your child’s car seat fit properly.

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