Embrace the Season

Don’t hibernate, embrace the season

Yes, Wisconsin is known for its cold and snowy winters.  We have two choices.  We can shut ourselves indoors, complain about the weather and wait for spring to come.  Or, we can get out and play.  With 2 young children, our family has chosen to get out and play.  It’s easy, its fun and its wonderful family bonding time.

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What’s your parenting style?

Parent Child Homework

Parent Children HomeworkAttachment parenting, Helicopter parenting or laid-back parenting:  there are many labels for the many different kinds of parenting that exist.

Whatever type of parenting style you strive for, you need to figure out your role in setting boundaries for your child as they relate to your family structure. Your child needs your guidance in their lives (even when they disagree). Staying engaged can help kids stay on track.

School and Homework

Do you know whether your child has finished his or her homework and is it on time? Don’t be afraid to check. As many teachers will gladly explain, there is value in homework – it’s not just to keep kids busy. And if you have concerns about the amount or nature of the assignments, talk with your child’s teacher. You both want to create a positive learning and successful learning experience.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

Happy New YearI heard somewhere, “the days are long and the years are short.” Well said as the New Year fast approaches. So it is time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the new year. And, adults are not the only ones that can benefit from New Year’s Resolutions.  Kids can too.

You can help your kids, even preschoolers, make their resolutions and encourage them to follow them through the year. It may also help you keep on track with your own resolutions as you encourage each other.

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Finding Meaning (and Sanity) During the Holidays

Decorating the tree

Decorating the treeIt seems like there are two-sides to the holidays – the wonderful, heart-warming experiences of time with family and friends enriched by feelings of gratitude, generosity and even compassion. And then there’s the other side. One that is defined by an “I want that” mentality, stressful schedules of traveling, late nights and endless stimuli, meals and snacks filled with sweets and other treats, and well-meaning relatives who try to indulge your child’s every wish.

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The Gift of a Better Brain: Share Books with Your Child

Dr Navsaria reading to a baby

Dr Navsaria reading to a babyBooks Build Better Brains.  Even better, those same books, when shared together with a child, become even more important to their development.  This is because social connections and relationships matter deeply.

For young children, being aware of books and familiar with their conventions is key — despite not being able to “read” yet, the positive associations of being read to regularly, of understanding that books contain delightful stories, and of the critical idea that print conveys information, all together leads to their brains wiring in the best possible way for school readiness.  The research is clear: children who are read to on a daily basis have improved language scores and will enter kindergarten with higher letter recognition.

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