Learning Medical Independence

April is Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness month (#STDMonth18).  The theme of this year is Treat Me Right (#TreatMeRight). This theme has 2 distinct sides: the provider and the patient. For providers, it means obtaining an accurate medical and social history (including risk-taking behaviors, like sexual activity) for every patient. For patients, it means knowing how to ask providers for the care that they need and deserve, for sexual health as well as all other kinds of health.  How to be an independent health care consumer is an important skill to learn for all teens and young adults.

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Dorm Room First Aid: Packing For Your Health

Dorm Room First AidWe know there are very few things more overwhelming than packing up your whole life to move into a really tiny college dorm or apartment. What do you bring with you? What sounds like a great idea to pack now, but will just end up unused and taking up precious space? How many forgotten items will your parents be willing to ship before you go home for Thanksgiving?

Today, we’re going to make this process easier by compiling the following list of important medical items so you can spend less time inside your school’s health center and more time experiencing all that college has to offer. Because – let’s face it – some sort of illness, scrape, or injury is inevitable, and it’s better to be prepared than to be scrambling to find a pharmacy store when your final paper is due in 45 minutes.

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A Parent’s Guide to the MenB Vaccine

Dorm RoommatesMaybe you’ve been hearing about the new ‘MenB’ vaccines – these are vaccines targeted against certain types of bacteria that can cause meningitis.  The recommendations for this new vaccine can be a little confusing, so here’s a primer on what the MenB vaccines protect against, who should be getting them, and how to talk to your provider to make a decision about whether or not you or your teenager should get the MenB vaccine.

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Back to School: 3 Healthy Dorm Recipes

5 MInute Burrito Bowl

College offers many temptations. You’re living in a dorm and free to eat what you want, when you want it. You can pile on the portions in the dining hall, eat french fries and ice cream for dinner, and indulge in sugary and salty snacks to fuel late-night study sessions. Most students tend to eat more than they did when living at home, sampling everything and snacking late at night.

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To the College Class of 2020

Handling College RejectionIt’s the time of year where high school seniors are getting information that can alter the course of their lives: the college acceptance/denial letter. Congratulations to those who got accepted to their top choices! This blog post is dedicated to those who did not get in to their top choice(s). Take a deep breath before reading on and repeat after me: I will not let this define me. I am more than the 500 words I wrote in my application essay.

Take another deep breath.
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