Running Away from Me to Find Myself

Instead of coming from me, sometimes it’s better to hear stories directly from the people who are going through it. This powerful blog entry is written by a patient of mine during her battle with an eating disorder. She gave permission to share it. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact a health care provider. Check out National Eating Disorders Association for more information.

 – Paula Cody, MD, MPH

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Emergency Contraception

Emergency ContraceptionIt being National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (#NTPPM) and all, we’re going to continue the talk about….wait for it… pregnancy prevention! Emergency contraception is not something that people plan for, hence the name “emergency contraception.”  However, it is a safe, (reasonably) effective, and widely available second line of defense against unplanned pregnancies for when intercourse happened without contraception or the contraception failed for some reason (condom broke, missed a pill, etc).

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