Quick First Aid Tips (Giveaway)

Quick First Aid Tips

It’s summer and the kids are out enjoying their vacation time. And for older kids, it may mean they’re enjoying a little more freedom riding bikes to get between friends’ houses or other places around the neighborhood. While you can trust them to get to the places they need to go, do they know what they need to do if an accident happens along the way?

Even from a relatively young age, kids should know when and how to call 9-1-1 in an emergency (check out this fact sheet for kids on how to use 9-1-1). And, it’s important to stay calm whether it’s a small scrape or a bad spill on a bike.

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Combat Mindless Eating

Imagine a time you may have eaten while doing something else: running an errand, playing on your phone, or being entertained by a favorite movie. Can you picture it? Now, think about where your attention was in that moment. Was it on your task, errand, or movie? Or, was it on what your belly was telling you?

We have all experienced mindless eating – the autopilot, unconscious eating that happens without attention to signals of hunger or satiety (a.k.a. being satisfied). This habit can challenge our ability to know when we are full and may lead to overeating. We know obesity is a serious public health problem for both children and adults. Many health experts believe mindless and hurried, overeating is one part of this problem.

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