Here's To a Healthier You

Lower prices, local partnerships and nutrient-packed salads and snacks are simply a snapshot of the progress in the works at the University Hospital Four Lakes Café.

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Flavor MyPlate

Join us to learn the culture and cuisine of a region using flavorful spices and herbs! Our UW Health Chefs will feature recipes popular in various regions of the world.

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Stairs for Wellness

Wellness Options at Work is pleased to offer a simple stair walking program to encourage UW Health faculty and staff to use the stairs and incorporate physical activity into the work day. Participate in climbing skyscrapers from all around the world.

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Spring Training: Week 1

Tired of exercising in the gym? ss_284521049_family_soccer_guysEnjoy getting out in nature? Did you know
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WIN a Farmers’ Market share!

University Hospital will make the following change to support our employees, patients and their families on their wellness journey:

ss_58187899_boy_farmers_marketWe are elated to promote the second annual UW Health Farmers’ Market and encourage you to support our local farmers. Culinary Services will host a weekly giveaway of a Vermont Valley Community Farm CSA box!

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Flavor MyPlate: Central America

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and big on naturalEl_Salvador12 wonders. Visitors enjoy stunning landscapes, volcanoes, cloud forests and magical lagoons, plus incredible beaches for surfers and sun-worshipers alike. Salvadorans are notoriously warm-hearted and spirited people. 
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10% Happier Book Club: Final Thoughts

Explore what other participants learned and tried during the book club,
their additional book suggestions and our last group meditation.

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Green STEPS: Turning Pallets into Garden Planters

Get your creative juices flowing and decorate a wood pallet for your work area! UW Health’s Green STEPS team shows you how to accomplish this simple, environmentally-conscious task.

To request a pallet, email

Flavor MyPlate: West Africa

rotating menu

West Africa is a subcontinent of Africa including 18 countries. Influences of West African cuisine can be found in many other cultures such as Caribbean, Cajun, Australian, and that of Southern United States.


TRI the Challenge: Week 8

This week we reach the finish line in TRI the Challenge. You can do it, kick it in!

During your 8 weeks of cross training the weather changed, making getting outside more pleasing. Keep up your momentum with a spring activity plan; join Wellness Options at Work Spring Training, a team physical activity challenge!

Thanks for taking the challenge, please help us evaluate TRI the Challenge by filling out the program evaluation.

Finisher’s will begin receiving their award the last week of April.

10% Happier Book Club: Small Group Discussion

Here’s our questions and explorations for this week. Read them through.  Remember, you can pick and choose. You can also come back throughout the week to consider another question.

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Flavor MyPlate: Germany

Come enjoy the tastes of Germany with Raisin Roast and Potato Pancakes at University Hospital’s Four Lakes Cafe, March 22-31. Guten Appetit!

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Flavor MyPlate: Ireland

Stop by the University Hospital Cafe from 12:00-1:00 pm for a tasting as we celebrate St Patrick’s Day and visit Ireland!