TRI the Challenge

How about TRI-ing a long distance triathlon this summer? Instead of a one day event, our triathlon, can be completed in 4, 6, or 8 weeks, you decide. Sign up anytime!

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Create a Culture of Kindness

Watch our culture of kindness blossom throughout UW Health, by passing on our Kindness Card. Request yours today!

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Take Action: Quit Tobacco, Start Healing

When you're ready to quit, Wellness Options at Work provides resources to keep you focused on your commitment to quit tobacco and restore your health.

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30:30 Nature Challenge

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Have your heard about sitting disease?

Some say that sitting is the new smoking.

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, sitting for at least 8 hours and spend more than 6 hours per day on screens. 

Reconnect with nature this summer. Time outside is good for our well-being.

Madison BCycle Member Highlight: Stefanie

Meet Stefanie, avid BCycle commuter and UW Health employee within the Preventive Cardiology Inpatient Cardiac Rehab department! She takes advantage of the $20 membership for UW Health employees. Learn more about why she loves BCycle.


30:30 Nature Challenge

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What do you feel like when you are stressed? Is your jaw clenched, do you grind your teeth, is your neck tight, or do you find your shoulders up at your ears, do you feel short-tempered, or maybe have uncomfortable nervous sweat?  

Consider a nature break, green time = increased calm

For the 30 days of June, we encourage you to spend 30 minutes in nature for your well-being.

30:30 Nature Challenge

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Did you know that being outside improves your creativity?

“Four days away from electronic devices can increase creativity by 50%” ~excerpt from the book, Your Brain on Nature by Eva Selhub and Alan Logan

Each day of June, try spending 30 minutes in nature.

Spring Training: Finish Line

Congratulations to all our teams who completed the six-week Spring Training challenge! Over the course of six-weeks, 80% of teams exercised an average of 4 days or more. 206 out of 206 teams completed the six-week challenge, that is 100% completion rate. Way to go!