TRI the Challenge

How about TRI-ing a long distance triathlon this winter? Wellness Options at Work is pleased to bring back TRI the Challenge to all faculty and staff. Instead of a one day event, our triathlon, can be completed in 4, 6, or 8 weeks, you decide.

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Book Club

“Insightful and hilarious tour of the mind’s darker corners and what we can do to find a bit of peace. Part confessional, part investigative journalism, 10% Happier is 100% engrossing.” Join the Wellness Options at Work book club today!

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Flavor MyPlate

Join us to learn the culture and cuisine of a region using flavorful spices and herbs! Our UW Health Chefs will feature recipes popular in various regions of the world.

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Wellness In Action

Culinary Services and Wellness Options Ellen and Lisaat Work created Flavor MyPlate, a celebration of cultural cuisine.  BIG, BOLD flavors replaced sodium and saturated fat in recipes from Argentina, Greece, India…and more!  With the creative sharing of recipes from our diverse UW Health employees, over 1,676 people have shared in this experience.   Discover what’s cooking in 2016!

If you have a story to share demonstrating Wellness In Action, send a comment or photo to

Flavor MyPlate: Taste Of New Orleans

Taste of NOLA_Page_4

Habit Change That Really Works: Week 2

Week 2:  The Science of Behavior Change

Promoting sustainable behavior change in our patients and ourselves is the core of what we do as health care professionals. This week let’s look at the current research on behavior change. By learning, understanding and applying these principles we better equip ourselves in adopting healthier behaviors.  Bring on the science!

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TRI the Challenge 2016

Alright TRI athletes, today is the day we start, are you ready?

To do list:ss_148056548_man_running_winter

  1. Decide how many weeks you will take to complete your TRI, and how you want to track your workouts
  2. Determine where you will swim/row
  3. Pack your gym bag
  4. Be flexible, if you miss your workout time, try again!   

Good luck, have fun!

Downloadable fillable tracker

Book Club

Spots are still available for Wellness Options at Work’s Book Club. This year we will be diving into 10% Happier by Dan Harris. 

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Habit Change That Really Works: Week 1

Week 1: Why Do New Year’s Resolution’s fail?

It’s the third week of January; holiday excitement, days off and celebrations are over. We begin 2016 with anticipation, best intentions and maybe some New Year’s Resolutions. Why are “resolutions” so likely to fail? According to Deepak Chopra, MD, more than 40 % of Americans  make New Year’s Resolutions to improve health annually, and nearly half have failed by seven months.  

Habit Change That Really Works explores this issue. Each week you will receive an email directing you to our blog. After reading the blog post please view the video conversation featuring a Motivational Interview approach around starting a new habit.

We hope you find the information valuable both personally and professionally. We would really like to use the comment section of our blog page to foster an interactive discussion about habit change, so please comment! 

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Flavor MyPlate: Hawaii

spice collage (main)
Did you know?  
›Traditional Hawaiian Healers view food as medicine; along with fresh, clean air and water.  Learn more…

Habit Change that Really Works

Registration is now OPEN for Habit Change that Really Works. 

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TRI the Challenge

Registration is now OPEN for TRI the Challenge.

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Why not start moving now? Add 30 seconds a day!

Many of us have exercising as one of our new years resolutions. This year we are offering you the chance to get started early to help you successfully change your movement habits. Over the next three weeks we will show you 14 simple exercises you can do at home. Each weekday we will publish a new exercise for you to try.  Perform that exercise for about 30 seconds. Each day you have a new exercise to add. By the end of the three weeks you will have 14 exercises to string together into an approximately 7 minute routine.

Easy to fit into your day and a great way to get up and get moving! 

Don’t Wait Until New Year’s Day to Start Moving

Thank you to UW Sports Medicine and UW Health Fitness Center!

Flavor My Plate: Vietnam

We are sampling the unique flavors of Beef Pho and a Cold Asian Noodle and Vegetable Salad from Vietnam! Come check it out!

Tues, Jan. 5th and Jan. 12th: 12-1pm University Hospital Cafe

Thurs, Jan 7th and Jan 14th: 12-1pm University Hospital Cafe

Our travels have helped us explore the cultures of GreeceArgentinaMexico, India and the Philippines.

(Please click on the country’s name to learn more about the culture and cuisine unique to this part of our world.)