Take Action: Quit Tobacco, Start Healing

When you're ready to quit, Wellness Options at Work provides resources to keep you focused on your commitment to quit tobacco and restore your health.

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Relaxation Guide

Life can be chaotic. Many of us juggle work and life responsibilites, causing us to feel that we are in "survival mode." Consider this guide as a tool to help reduce the chaos and create balance in your daily life.

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Fitness Center Discounts

Hitting the gym and embracing a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to hit your wallet. UW Health faculty and staff eligible for fitness club discounts at many locations in the Dane County area.

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Eating Well: Farm To Table!

carrots-in-basketMonday, December 5 – the Four Lakes Cafe Comfort Station at University Hospital is receiving a makeover!

By changing items now served at Farm To Table, formerly known as the Comfort Station, we are able to highlight the exceptional, local & seasonal products that we have been sourcing since the beginning of 2016. READ MORE

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Buddy Up

Amanda White and Margaret Birrenkott at Body Combat Class!When you are embarking on changing habits or behaviors, getting the right support is your key to your success. Telling others about your goals creates accountability. Not only does it give people an invitation to ask you about your progress, but it also reminds you why you embarked on this journey in the first place. 


Sleep Well: Incorporate Daily Movement

walkingRestorative sleep may become easier when you find time to incorporate daily movement. Create time to combat emotional and stress fatigue with “feel good” movement. READ MORE

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Healthy Swaps

ss_man_nutrition_salad_166268645It’s that time of year when you and your family are inspired to cook your favorite foods and sweet treats. However, these high-calorie dishes can add up. There are simple tricks to turn any traditional family recipe into a healthy dish that is still delicious.


Sleep Well: Develop a Calm and Attentive Mind, part 2


Often our thoughts can bounce and shift mindlessly, like a balloon on a string.  It’s important to remember, you are holding the string.  You have the ability to calm the constant narrative playing in your head. 

It just takes practice. 

Sleep Well: Develop a Calm and Attentive Mind

tunnelHave you ever slipped into bed and the enveloping silence invites your mind to replay your never ending “to do” list? You roll over and your mind re-hashes an encounter with someone? Toss to the other side and it begins worrying?


Welcome to Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge

shutterstock_273704624Today marks the start of Maintain, Don’t Gain! This eight-week challenge provides you with an opportunity to focus on five healthy habits throughout the holiday season and earn points along the way.


Quit “Cold Turkey” for The Great American Smokeout

great-american-smokeoutBecause quitting smoking is the single best step you can do to improve your health, the American Cancer Society promotes The Great American Smokeout on November 17. You can join millions of Americans and start living tobacco free. Although the Smokeout is a big day, any day is good for starting a healthier, happier life. 


Fall 4 Walking Prize

Absnowflake-obsidianout your snowflake obsidian:

Your snowflake obsidian was purchased at Burnie’s Rock Shop, 901 E. Johnson Street, here in Madison. Learn more about your gemstone.


Sleep Well: Limit Distractions

computer - UnsplashAccording to the National Institutes of Health, an average human spends about one third of life sleeping. Assuming an average human life span of 78 years, that equates to about 26 years each person spends sleeping in a lifetime.   READ MORE