TRI the Challenge

How about TRI-ing a long distance triathlon this summer? Instead of a one day event, our triathlon, can be completed in 4, 6, or 8 weeks, you decide. Sign up anytime!

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Create a Culture of Kindness

Watch our culture of kindness blossom throughout UW Health, by passing on our Kindness Card. Request yours today!

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Take Action: Quit Tobacco, Start Healing

When you're ready to quit, Wellness Options at Work provides resources to keep you focused on your commitment to quit tobacco and restore your health.

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Fall 4 Walking – Exploring Mindfulness

Welcome to Fall 4 Walking, 2017. Once again at this lovely time of year Wellness Options at Work offers this program focused on combining physical activity, nature and mindfulness. Fall 4 Walking is a stress reducing program designed to improve your well-being. The goal is to try adding a mindful focus to your walk by paying attention to your breathing, your body, and filling your senses with nature. The tracker is a motivational tool to remind you to meet your personal goal.


2017 Year of the Healthy Nurse: September

How do you leave work at work? How do you recover during personal time? Do you identify as someone with good work-life balance?  What does good work-life balance mean to you? These are important questions but ones that many of us pay little attention to. This month’s Year of the Healthy Nurse topic is Work-life Balance. We will talk about the ever-common struggle with work-life balance, why it is important, and practical strategies for better balance, more meaningful use of your time.


Harvest of the Month: Hearty Greens

Throughout Harvest of the Month, we have encouraged you to take notice, taste and enjoy the bountiful harvests we experience in Wisconsin. Even though the weather is beginning to cool, the growing season is not over!


Fall 4 Walking: Registration Now Open

Once again this autumn, Wellness Options at Work encourages you to participate in Fall 4 Walking. This six-week program combines walking, mindfulness and nature in an effort to improve your well-being. Focus on connecting with nature and deepening your skills in mindful movement this fall. Register for the program today!

Harvest of the Month: Zucchini

Mid-August already! Can you believe it?

Harvest of the Month is zucchini! Keep an eye out for zucchini in numerous, tasty items at the University Hospital Four Lakes Cafe with specials at the salad bar, Farm to Table Station and many more!