Wellness Champions

Interested in becoming a Wellness Champion? Check out the video to learn more and hear from a few of our current champions. 

Role of a Wellness Champion:

  • Marketing
    • Share wellness programming options with your colleagues
      • Via the blog or through seasonal flyers
    • Promote a culture of wellness in your work area 
  • Evaluate programs and provide feedback
  • Provide new ideas ideas

Wellness Champion Directory

Meeting Dates

Time and Location

Meeting Materials




8:30-9:30am: DHC – Room 106

2:00-3:00pm:University Hospital – Room G5/152

October Meeting PowerPoint


8:30-9:30am: DHC – Room 106

2:00-3:00pm: University Hospital – Room G5/152

August Meeting PowerPoint

Goal Setting Worksheet


8:30-9:30am: DHC 

2:00-3:00pm: University Hospital

June Meeting PowerPoint

Champion Highlight Presentation (Make Stress Your Friend)

If you are interested in becoming a wellness champion for your department or work area, please email wellness@uwhealth.org

Wellness Champion Resources:

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