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Harvest of the Month: Eat seasonally, sustainably and sensibly 

Culinary Services and Wellness Options at Work will highlight a local and seasonal fruit or vegetable each month featuring Café and Local Vendor Highlights, Patient Meal Monthly Specials and Nutrition & Culinary Education. 

  Here’s to a Healthier You!
Choosing a healthy meal can be satisfying & tasty without sacrificing your wallet. We are committed to partnering with farmers and producers to bring seasonal, local and sustainable products to UW Health.
Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Wellness Options at Work has coordinated with local farms to bring shares of organic, locally-grown produce, eggs, coffee, meat and poultry to multiple UW Health locations.
My Smart Choice
The My Smart Choice symbol will represent healthy food and beverage choices across all of UW Health retail and room service venues.

The Learning Kitchen
The American Center Learning Kitchen is a fully equipped classroom kitchen that is led by culinary and health care professionals offering a diverse selection of cooking classes.

Flavor MyPlate
Wellness Options at Work and Culinary Services created Flavor MyPlate to provide you with the tools to incorporate spices from many cultures worldwide. Discover versatile seasonings to expand your cooking skills, recipe box and excite your taste buds.
ss_cooking_vegetables_132135044 Recipes
Wellness Options at Work and Culinary Services has provided some of our favorite resources that include seasonal recipes and use ingredients from the garden, Farmers Market or local grocer.

Ready, Set, Breakfast
Breakfast is your first opportunity to fuel your body, rev up your metabolism and start burning calories. Incorporate healthy choices wherever you are by using strategies suggested in our Ready, Set, Breakfast brochure.


Brown Bag Lunch
Tired of the same old lunch routine? Packing an exciting lunch that incorporates good nutrition has never been easier. Try our Jazzing up the Brown Bag Lunch for a quick and easy guide to making a healthy lunch everyday!


Snack Healthy
Snacks can fit into a healthy eating plan and provide an energy boost between meals, if they’re planned right. Take a look at the American Heart Association’s snack-savvy ideas.

Resources: Nutrition Resources


  1. Mike Flora says:

    What ever happened to the salt substitute like Mrs. Dash in the cafeteria? There are many people with low sodium diet restrictions and rely on this healthy option. So disappointing to think that it wouldn’t be continued.

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