Flavor MyPlate


Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services and Wellness Options at Work created Flavor MyPlate, a celebration of cultural cuisine. BIG, BOLD flavors replaced sodium and saturated fat in recipes from around the globe. Our wonderfully diverse Culinary Services employees have shared most of the recipes from their own family kitchen. 

Our Flavor MyPlate travels have brought us to explore the culture and cuisine native to MoroccoKoreaCubaIsrael, AfghanistanThailand, Central America, West Africa, Germany, Ireland, Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Italy, Louisiana, Hawaii, Greece, Vietnam, Argentina, Mexico, India and the PhilippinesPlease click on a region to learn more about the culture and cuisine unique to this part of our world.  


Discover versatile seasonings to expand your cooking skills, recipe box and excite your taste buds! The Flavor MyPlate initiative is intended to expand your knowledge and excite your palate by creating flavorful meals using spices, herbs and seasonings. As we journey through diverse regions of the world we intend to:

  • Explore techniques of healthier eating while cutting back on added salt, fat and sugar
  • Learn how to use versatile, everyday herbs and spices to make countless healthy and delicious dishes
  • Discover ideas to practice using herbs and spices in everyday dishes

The McCormick® spice company has partnered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the USDA and ChooseMyPlate to develop recipes and resources identifying ways to add flavor to our everyday meals without adding sodium or unhealthy fat.Flavor my plate image

Starting with just 10 basic everyday herbs and spices, you can create flavorful, healthier meals. Adding herbs and spices are a healthy and cost effective way to enhance vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.



  1. Laura Long says:

    Please bring back the pork or Chicken with lentils! I know you have it 1 last time before but I miss that so much! DELICIOUS,, oh and if you can make it on one of the days, Mon-Thurs, that would be great!

    • Lisa Bote says:

      Thanks for the note & ideas, Laura. We are working to update our menus for the 500 Calorie and Comfort Station, so look for some old favorites and new ones, too.

  2. Kim Clayton says:

    Please bring back the soup from Greece. It was incredibly yummy!!! I wish it was one of the regular soups offered. It would be a great soup for summer with the rice and lemon flavor. The lasagna from Italy was amazing too. It would be nice to get that more often with the broccolini. Oh and the focaccia bread was the best I have ever tasted. Perhaps you could start a page with the recipies for these dishes so we can cook healthier at home as well. Spreading good eating habits with our spouses and children.

    • Wellness says:


      Thank you for your comment. We are so glad that you are enjoying the recipes from around the world. The recipes are provided on this page, you just have to click on the region name to view. The recipes are also listed on our recipes page under the nutrition tab.

  3. Joni says:

    How do we get the stuffed cabbage offered in our cafeteria? Best new dish offered!

    • Wellness says:

      Hi Joni –
      I believe we spoke in the Atrium yesterday about the cabbage rolls and you have ordered these through Lisa Bote – correct?
      Thank you for your excitement about Flavor MyPlate!

  4. Carol H says:

    The Mexican recipes were fantastic!

    • Wellness says:

      Thank you Carol! We are exited to bring new flavors into our retail venues each week. Keep watching for what we have planned for November & December…

  5. Beth Rasmussen says:

    The events sound great except I am at 20 S Park St. I will certainly enjoy the recipes on the blog though.

    • Wellness says:

      Hi Beth –
      We do hope you find many resources on the blog that will be useful tools in your own kitchen or when dining out. We plan to explore several cultures around the globe and all this content will be available on the blog. Check back often!

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