Fresh and Local at UW Health

We are committed to partnering with local farms and producers to bring local and seasonal produce and artisan products to UW Health. Our effortsBuy Fresh logo aim to promote a healthy lifestyle for all employees, patients and visitors by offering many nutritious menu choices. We emphasize foods and beverages are locally sourced, so the menu changes with the season. 

Farmers Market Café at American Family Children’s Hospital

Four Lakes Cafe at University Hospital

AOB Cafe at UW Health, Middleton

The American Bistro at The American Center

Recipe for Success 
Our Culinary Services team has taken your feedback to heart. We now offer more local, fresh and organic foods to compliment your health. We are sourcing the highest-quality ingredients and prepare our foods in a way that making a healthful choice is the easiest choice. Explore our progress by viewing the 52 Weeks of Wellness: Here’s to a Healthier You initiatives.  

My Smart Choice

UW Health has an obligation to the community to model healthy living practices that incorporate nutritious eating into everyday life. Our food and beverage choices offered in retail and room service venues set the standard for affordable and delicious meals and snacks. The My Smart Choice symbol represents healthy food and beverage choices across all of UW Health venues. Learn more

Good Food is Good Medicine  

Our Culinary Services’ mission is to be a nationally recognized leader in food operations by providing excellent service to our customers and the entire UW Health community. Our chefs and staff are dedicated to sustainable sourcing and supporting local businesses and are passionate about offering fresh, locally grown and unprocessed foods that support good health and healing. Learn more

500 Calorie Station 500_calorie
Four Lakes Café has a station dedicated to a 500 calorie meal. Each meal was created with your health in mind and incorporates great flavor without an excess of saturated fat, sodium or calories. Choosing a nutritious and satisfying meal has become even easier. Simply, look for the healthier options symbol – it’s an easy way to identify foods that have been created to benefit your health.  

Healthier Food and Beverages in Vending Machines
side view Good nutrition is a building block to your overall health and can help reduce the risk of developing many preventable diseases. Follow the Green, Yellow, Red concept when buying food or beverages from vending machines:

  • Green snacks meet all five of the My Smart Choice snack criteria. These are better-for-you choices and can be eaten daily.
  • Yellow snacks meet three or four of the criteria and can be eaten from time to time.
  • Red snacks have little or no nutritional value. They meet zero to two of the criteria, so stop and think before you drink or eat.






  1. Alison says:

    I absolutely love the Farmer’s Market Cafe! The food is intriguingly different and the produce is fresh! The sandwiches are made right in front of you and servers are flexible to modify your order.

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