Here’s to a Healthier You!

RpgvvtYAQeqAIs1knERU_vegetablesOur dedication to building community partnerships to bring local and sustainable foods and beverages to UW Health is helping to transform our food and nutrition environment.

Cultivating relationships with local growers, producers, artisans and small businesses are imperative to a healthy food system. We are creating connections through an intentional movement towards offering more high quality food and beverages that are locally sourced and favorably priced. We have streamlined our focus to ensure we are meeting our Nutrition and Sustainability Standards policy, as well as supporting the mission, vision and values of UW Health.

Lower prices, local partnerships and nutrient-packed salads and snacks are simply a snapshot of the progress in the works. Check out the video below to see what we have accomplished so far. Or, slide on over to UConnect for a full list of Here’s to a Healthier You! changes.


Food and Beverage Policy FAQ
Periodic Table of Sweeteners

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