Nutrition Resources

Meal Planning

Ready, Set Breakfast

Your Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Healthy Lunch Every Day

Snack Healthy


Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
Where do I find added sugar?
Rethink Your Drink 
Reducing Access to Sugar-Sweetened Beverages 
Frequently Asked Questions about Sugar 
Sugary Drinks and Obesity 


Dining Out

Eating RIGHT on the Run (video) | (handout)
Farmers’ Market Cafe at AFCH (U-Connect)
Healthy Dining Finder


Weight Management

Prevent Portion Distortion

Food Journaling

Weight Management App Reviews – The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics review of nutrition-related iPhone and Android applications


Fruits and Vegetables

Adding More Vegetables to Your Diet
Focus on Fruits
Liven Up Your Meals With Fruit and Veggies
Kid Friendly Veggies and Fruits
State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables
National Action Guide on Fruits and Vegetables


Healthy Choices: Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet

The UW Health Heart and Vascular Care Healthy Choices video series is designed to help you create a heart-healthy diet. Videos were created to give you tips on keeping your heart strong by selecting the right foods.


Have you discovered the benefits of whole grains?

Whole Grains can reduce health risks associated with heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.  Whole Grains can also improve digestive health and promote healthy weight management! Give your health a boost today and look for the whole grain symbol!  Whole Grain Savvy


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