Group Exercise Classes

Man_yogaWinter session returning, registration opens on December 11, 2017. 

Exercise classes are open to all UWHC, UWMF and UWSMPH faculty and staff and are offered on a first come, first serve basis. If you cannot commit to 75% of the scheduled classes, please allow others to register. Classes will begin the week of October 16, 2017 and run for eight weeks. The class fee is $25.00 for the eight week session and no refunds will be provided. 



Type of Fall Group Exercise Class & Location


Yoga at AOB
Yoga at ASB
Yoga at WIMR


Beginner Yoga at 1 S. Park
Yoga at WIMR (noon)
Intro to Qigong at AOB
Yoga at Union Corners


Yoga at WIMR (noon)
Intro to Boot Camp at AOB
Yoga at 1102 S. Park
Yoga at Verona Clinic
Yoga at Yahara Clinic
Zumba at Union Corners Clinic

Thursdays Zumba at University Hospital
Fridays Beginner Yoga at WIMR (noon)


Important: New Online Class Registration System

We are using a new registration system for all UW Health classes. There are many advantages to the new system, here are just a few:

  • Register and pay for programs from your computer
  • Keep track of your activities online
  • Log in and see your class participation history
  • Produce class payment receipts

To register:
*registration will open on Monday, September 18
1) Select the class that you are interested in below
2) Choose ‘add to cart’ or ‘enroll now’
3) Click Create an Account link to set up your new registration account
        a) Do not use your hospital username and password
4) Once you create an account, you can then enroll in the class

Need help? Watch the instructional video: Creating Your Account


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