Fitness Resources

Importance of Exercise

23 1/2 Hours – Importance of Exercise

Tips to Get Active

ACSM Exercise Guidelines

The Effects of Exercise on Mood and Cognitive Functioning

Training Effects of Long Versus Short Bouts of Exercise in Healthy Subjects

Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

Movement Ideas

Battle Stance: The battle stance is a way to actively stand ready for movement

Why not start moving now? Add 30 seconds a day!


Work Smart Dynamic Stretching Plan

5 Movements to Do Before Getting Out of Bed

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Exercise at your Desk Guide (pdf)

Fitness Technology

Tracking Your Health: There’s an App for That

Activity Tracker Comparison

Fitness Apps and Gadgets (pdf)

Activity Guides

Check out the seasonal Activity Guides, giving you many new tips for physical activity. Included with each guide are resources for equipment rentals, hiking trails, farmers markets, cross country ski trails and more.





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