Stairs for Wellness

“Your Passport to the World”

West Clinic Stairwells

West Clinic Stairwells

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Print the Stairs for Wellness Brochure and Tracker Form

Stair Counts for UW Health Locations

Recruit co-workers to join you in our Stairs for Wellness Challenge! Climb stairs to increase your level of physical activity during your work day. Raise your fitness level one step at a time. 

All participants receive a “passport” (log form) to record the number of stairs you climb. Using this passport and your imagination, you will climb skyscrapers located around the world.

  • Start this program at any timeStairs for Wellness Logo Circle
  • Climb stairs anywhere
  • Record your start date on the log form
  • You have eight weeks to climb 3-6 skyscrapers
  • Only record steps going up
  • Once you have reached your goal, submit your passport to Wellness Options at Work for a prize

Feel like climbing more places?

  • U.S. Bank Center in Milwaukee, WI: 1,034 
  • The Spanish Steps in Rome: 138
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa: ~284
  • Brunelleschi’s  internal dome in the Duomo in Florence (Santa Maria del Fiore) : 414


Check out the main stairwell at the AOB (Administrative Office Building), E4 and E6 stairwells in the University Hospital, and West Clinic employee stairwell to view the creative renovation/redesign. If you are interested in adding Stairs to Wellness to your building stairwells, please contact

University Hospital E4 and E6 stairwell

University Hospital E4 and E6 stairwell


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Promote the use of the stairs by displaying a poster around your office or in a break room. 

If you would like a colorful hard copy please email



Additional Resources:


To note: We are going to limit participants to one prize for Stairs for Wellness. We hope you continue the healthy behavior in taking the stairs and hope you have seen positive results for adding stair climbing to your daily activity.


  1. Mary Malko says:

    Looking forward to seeing the world one step at a time!

  2. Rachel says:

    If you struggle with being out of breath after a whole flight, start small with what you can comfortably do and add a stair or two extra each week. Every little bit counts!

  3. Shelly says:

    I think this should be a fun challenge and I am looking forward to getting started. Do you have any stair counts for 2349 Deming Way the Eye clinic and Transformations. Thank you.

    • Wellness says:

      Shelly, thank you for your comment! We do not have any stair counts for 2349 Deming Way. We will send one of our staff over there to do that. Thank you.

  4. Brian Owens says:

    Just crushed the Torre Agbar, and in just 2 days! And I’m just getting back into shape! Going up to P5 a couple times a night, this will be easy lol. This is a good little challenge to really get back into shape.

  5. Emily says:

    My co-worker and I signed up 3 weeks ago and we have’t received our logs/passports yet. Is this still going on?

  6. Melissa Hauge says:

    I did the fall one and never received anything at the end after I submitted my form, so am hesitant to do this one….thoughts?

  7. hc says:

    The thing I don’t like about climbing stairs on campus is besides my asthma, that usually stairwells are unventilated and dusty. I can tell the air quality difference as soon as I set foot in one.

  8. Robin Wasielewski says:

    I registered a week or 2 ago but have never received my log for counting the steps. Is there someone I should contact.

  9. Beth Michalski says:

    I love the new painting and art in the stairs. I take the stairs everyday and the new art does not cover how dirty and gross they are because they are not cleaned. Can you do anything about getting them cleaned? Thanks!!!

  10. Jessica Matthias says:

    Hi, I wanted to follow up. I received my shirt and I wear it all the time. Thank you for doing this; I really appreciate it.

  11. Sandy says:

    Hello, I completed mine Wellness and never received a prize for this.


  12. Jessica Matthias says:

    I finished my log and sent it in sometime in May but never received a prize.

    • Wellness Options at Work says:

      Hi Mindy,

      Your t-shirt was sent, however, things tend to get lost through inter-d. I will send you a new one today 🙂

      Thanks for letting us know!

  13. Brenda Germain says:

    What is the final date to turn in our passports?

    • Wellness says:

      Hi Brenda,
      There is not a final date for everyone. Each person picks their start date. From the date, you have 8 weeks to complete the challenge.
      Good luck and have fun!

  14. Brenda Germain says:

    I have found that taking the steps all of the time is great exercise and gets me to where I need to go faster.

  15. Lois Lehr-Marchant says:

    Using the stairs at sports med clinic, front and back stairs, also my home stairway.

  16. Lisa says:

    Where do we turn in our passports when completed? How do we receive prize?

  17. wendy cook says:

    this is fun i like a challenge and it also gives me someting to do over my lunch time. i do 286 steps each time for now. May step it up some.

  18. Gloria says:

    How long after you finish the stairs for wellness to receive the prize?

  19. Aly says:

    I am really enjoying this challenge! Thanks for the great idea. I have been “meaning” to take advantage of the stairs in the building for a bit of exercise during my afternoon break for a long time. Now I’m actually DOING it and building a habit.

  20. Heidi says:

    Can you only sign up for this once? Or are you able to sign up again and again after each 8 week session to keep challenging yourself and getting healthier?

    I think this is a great program, and am excited to start! 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Wellness Options at Work says:

      Hi Heidi,

      You are more than welcome to repeat the challenge. The brochure and passport can be printed at any time and are located at the top of the page.

  21. Lori Haack says:

    Do you have stair counts for AFCH? I think the stairs in a flight differ between floors.


    • Wellness Options at Work says:

      Hi Lori,

      We are in the process. They will be added to the count list once we have AFCH completed.

  22. sandy says:

    I’m adding the Sears Tower: 2109 steps, the Washington Monument: 897 steps, the Space Needle: 848 steps, and the mother of them all, the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalila: 2,909 steps.

  23. Connie Sagunsky says:

    I’ve completed all six towers and thought it would be fun to keep going. I’ve already completed the first tower the 2nd time and am part way up the 2nd tower. This is a great challenge for me!

  24. Terrie says:

    Started climbing the stairs to my office in WARF, 7th floor, in May 2012 when I realized I was gaining a little weight with my new office job! It’s been great!

  25. Pat Myers says:

    What are the dates of this program? Is it almost over?

    • Wellness says:

      Hi Pat,

      This is an on-going program. We ask you to pick your start date. You then have 8 weeks to complete the challenge.

      Good Luck!

  26. Holly Johnson says:

    Wonderful idea! Thanks – I really needed something fun to inspire me to get more exercise! 😀

  27. Michele L'Herault says:

    I filled out my passport on Feb 20th with 1058 steps, but I did not know what to do with it. (I do tend to go up the stairs at the AOB when my cube is cold instead of using a heater.)

  28. Jan Bultema says:

    Has anyone found the stairs in WIMR? The only stairs I found brought me outside — it was nice to get some fresh air, but it wasn’t my target destination at the time!

  29. Rebecca Beach says:

    This is fun! Did 212 steps over lunch – and I haven’t even gotten my passport thing yet.

    Word to the wise, though. Stretch out your calves before you start and take time to stretch them again whenever you feel like it. I’m still a little sore from the first day I did it.

  30. Danae says:

    I just climbed the E4 stairs. I was so busy looking at the paint colors and art work that I didn’t even realize I had climbed all the way to the top. What a wonderful change.

  31. Rafael Robles says:

    3 days of work only stairs and I’ve done 2 skyscrapers. It’s easier than you think.

  32. Tammy says:

    Does using the stair master at the gym count?

  33. joy mercier says:

    Can these stairs be climbed at work and at home – or @ work only.

  34. Mary Vinger says:

    What are the official dates that we are to participate in this program? I want to make sure I don’t go over the end date.

  35. Faye Riedner says:

    Can we sign up friends and family members to join in on the fun with us? If so let me know what info we need to submit. The transplant team would like to have family and friends included with us.

  36. Prathibha Sanalkumar says:


    I have registered for Stairs for Wellness. Please let me know from where I can get the passport or the log form.



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