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5-3-1: Workplace Well-Being
This online audio course was inspired by the work of Dr. Richard Davidson. Quite simply, he found that people’s sense of wellbeing improved if they thoughtfully integrated three steps into their day: 5 minutes of seated meditation; noticing and reflecting on 3 things they are grateful for; and practicing 1 act of kindness.

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BOP: Breathe ~ Observe ~ Proceed
BOP is a simple, effective stress management technique that can help you during your work day and throughout your busy life.


Wellness Options at Work has created a variety of meditations for you to practice. Enjoy short, medium or long length meditations.


Mindful Movement
Mindful movement videos allow you to focus on your breathing and gentle movements of your body as a tool to help anchor your attention to the Here and Now. Why? Because many people report that when they can more fully inhabit the present moment that a greater sense of grounding and well being can often be found.

Relaxation Guide
Demands from work and life can lead to feeling stressed and tense. Daily stress can affect your health and emotional well-being. Wellness Options at work is pleased to provide this Relaxation Guide to help you release stress, regain your focus and restore a sense of inner calm. 

Fall for Walking
Fall 4 Walking is a stress management program that uses walking as a gateway to mindful movement and relief from the stresses of work and our personal lives. You will learn more about mindful movement and how to deepen your skills in stress management.

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Book Club
Wellness Options at Work partners with The University Book Store to offer a yearly, online book club to UW Health staff, faculty, and students. 


Resources: Stress Management Resources

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