B O P: Breathe • Observe • Proceed

Stress seems to cascade from one encounter into another encounter, building up until it begins to affect ourselves or those around us. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we could hit a “re-start” button and keep each encounter separate, unique and contained? Then we could move onto the next encounter open to what is presented to us.

Now you can! Try BOP. BOP is a simple, effective stress management technique that can help you during your work day and throughout your busy life. The effectiveness of this stress management tool skyrockets when you can incorporate it deftly into your daily routine.

Learn to BOP by:

Listening to the audio link (1:20); Reading the transcript.

Click Here to Invite Us to train you and your colleagues in BOPing at your next departmental meeting or retreat!

Who is BOPing? Wellness has already shared BOP training at: 

Internal Medicine & Womens Health, West Clinic
Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
DeForest-Windsor Clinic
West Clinic-Laboratory
20 S Park Pediatrics
Career Pathways
Clinical Labs Week
Fitchburg Clinic
Fiscal Affairs Department
Clinical Documentation Services
Clinical Ops Mgr Mtg
Patient Services Dept
Primary Care Manager/RN Supervisor Mtg
Executive Support Staff Mtg
e-Care of Wisconsin
OB/Gyn at 20 S Park
AFCH P5 Unit
Radiology-Breast Imaging
School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Verona Clinic
West Towne Clinic
Yahara Clinic
Transformations Clinic
East Towne Clinic
Digestive Health Clinic
ER Dept
F4/5 Unit
50 Star Council
Lab Week
Pallative Care Nursing Retreat
Wellness Champion Qtrly Mtg
I/P Nurse Mgr Mtg


Materials Available:

If you would like a colorful hard copy poster for your break room or work area or a personal BOP reminder card, please email wellness@uwhealth.org.

Break Room Posters: 
HA-42862-15 BOP Break Room Signs-2_Page_1
HA-42862-15 BOP Break Room Signs-2_Page_2

Reminder Card (2×3):

Front of BOP card
Back of BOP card


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