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rg_overview_headerLife can be chaotic. Many of us juggle work and life responsibilites, causing us to feel that we are in “survival mode.” Consider this guide as a tool to help reduce the chaos and create balance in your daily life. 

The simple act of sitting quietly and being aware of your breathing while staying focused on the present moment can reduce anxiety and blood pressure, ease distractions, increase circulation and restore peace of mind.

Yoga is a series of movements — some with names from nature — and controlled breathing exercises. By combining stretching, breathing and meditating, you can relax your muscles and reduce stress and anxiety.

Qigong (chee gung) combines visualization, deliberate movements, coordinated breathing and specific sounds to release negative emotions and restore internal organs and tissues with fresh Qi (chee).

Find activities that revitalize, sustain, inspire and help you feel whole.

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