Stress Management Resources

Calm App: Meditate & relax with guided mindfulness meditation for stress reduction

30 Ideas for Relaxation (pdf)
Take a moment each day to relax. Use this 30 day relaxation guide as a starting point in your journey to relaxation.

UW Health Integrative Medicine Services UW Health offers massage, acupuncture, healing touch, Feldenkrais Functional Integration and massage therapy/body work of various types. 

Health Benefits of Meditation

Stress and the Working Parent (pdf)

Stress Management (pdf)

The Relaxation Response: A Mental Vacation (pdf)

The Science of Perception: How We See the World Can Make Us Healthy or Sick!

Time Management (pdf)

Where can you find Quiet Space?

There are a few places that are reserved for quiet:

  • CSC Meditation Room: E5/642
  • AFCH Chapel
  • TAC Meditation Room

There are other spaces that you can steal some moments of quiet:

  • An un-used conference room
  • A hallway
  • A stairwell
  • The skyway between 1S Park and 20S Park
  • Ebling library

There are outdoor spaces that you can slip into:

  • Habermann Terrace Garden.
    The garden is on the fourth floor, opposite from the Hilary Grace space between F6/6 and D6/4. Take the E6/2 stairs to the fourth floor. These are the stairs located directly next to the security office on the second floor in the hospital entrance. If you are unable to use the stairs, you can take the D elevators to the fourth floor. Enter the D4/6 unit and follow signs toward F.

  • Hilary Grace Healing Garden – coming June 2016
    The garden is located off the E elevators on the fourth floor between F4/4 and D4/4.

  • Patio of the atrium on first floor (busy during mealtimes but otherwise fairly quiet)
  • Courtyards by WIMR or HSLC
  • ASB/Westfield Patio
  • Excelsior Patio
  • Research Park’s Garden
  • Pheasant Branch Trail by AOB

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