The following videos have been created for the various Stress Management programs provided by Employee Wellness:

Short Meditations:



A Washing Hands Ritual
Use a common task as a way to focus your attention and bring you into the present moment. What other tasks could be your avenue?

Length: 1:32 min



Pachelbel Concentration
Use music as a tool to strengthen your ability to focus your attention.

Length: 2 min



Connecting through Touch
Use touching your pet as a pathway to focus into the present moment.

Length: 2:20 min


Mini Vacation
Use visualization and breath to create a quick escape.

Length: 2:25 mins


Mid-Length Meditations:


Loving Kindness Blessing Offered to a Loved One
Learn how to extend the Loving Kindness Blessing to a loved one or situation that you want to help support or heal.

Length: 3:23 mins



Diaphragmatic Breath
Use visualization to help relax and release your lower belly and breathe more deeply and freely.

Length: 4:21 min

Lengthier Meditations:


Breathe Easy
Learn how to use the imagery of an ocean wave to release your breath.

Length: 6:16 mins


Learn how to incorporate gratitude into your meditation.

Length: 9:58 min


Rectangle Breath
Learn a breathing technique which can be a deeply centering, calming, and focusing breath.

Length: 8:35 min


Sequential Awareness
Learn to shift your attention sequentially from an external landscape (your surroundings) to an internal landscape (your body, thoughts, emotions).

Length: 10:05 min


Exploring Tension Patterns in our Breath
Explore how to release some common tension patterns which can affect your breath and sense of ease.

Length: 12:44 min


Mindful  Movement:


Loving Kindness Blessing
Use simple QiGong movements to enrich the Loving Kindness Blessing. Moving slowly, thoughtfully, and linked to your breath, this is a deeply settling practice.  If you enjoy this practice, consider the Loving Kindness Blessing in Meditations.  In that meditation, the blessing is extended to a loved one.


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