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What is your Dining Personality?
Whether you’re a socialite and the life of the party, a reserved bookworm, or a free spirit that blows every way the wind blows, your personality can play a large role in your ability to achieve a healthier weight. Follow this guide to discover your dining personality and learn which tools and Weight Management Resources are available to help you succeed.

apple_health_app Weight Management Resource Library
Check out the variety of books, classes, programs and other evidence-based resources in the weight management library.


Weight Watchers at Work
Learn how to lose weight and keep it off. Weight Watchers at Work Program is the same program that is delivered in weekly Weight Watchers meetings in the community except that employees have the convenience of meetings hosted on-site at a UW Health location (AOB).



Weight Management Group Class
Contact 608-287-2770, if you are interested in a structured weight loss program that is billed to insurance. Coverage is not guaranteed, but Medicare will cover the class if your BMI >30 and you provide a physician referral.

  • 30 minute group class meets at 20 S Park Street
  • Includes weight check and one educational topic followed by SMART goal setting 

Class meets weekly for first month, biweekly for months 2-6 and once a month for months 7-12.

The next class is expected to start in August 2017.



Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge
This program is designed to encourage you to maintain your weight during the holidays by making healthy choices for proper nutrition, physical activity and emotional health.

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